What can be adopted?

    Almost anything within city limits! Adoptions are reserved for public spaces such as streets, parks, medians, trails, coastlines, and waterways. Size of adoption areas are specific to the location and the volunteer group. 

    Who can participate?

    Anyone can participate! Some examples include: businesses, neighborhood associations, clubs, civic organizations, faith-based groups, service organizations, or families. 

    Is there a cost to adopting?

    No, adopting a spot is absolutely free! 

    What are the forms I need to fill out?

    Once we decide on your location and tasks, the program coordinator will have the group representative sign the Agreement & Commitment Form. Also, before each service day every volunteer must have a signed Volunteer liability form on file. You can see an example of each of these forms under the "Important Documents" section. 

    What happens after I complete an Adopt-a-Spot interest form?

    The program coordinator will contact you to discuss the site(s) you are considering. After deciding on a site, we help you get started with supplies and important information for your first cleanup. 

    Is this the same as Keep Baytown Beautiful?

    The City of Baytown's Adopt-a-Spot program is similar to the program the nonprofit Keep Baytown Beautiful (KBB) used to facilitate. Unfortunately, this organization is no longer active. The Adopt-a-Spot program is not affiliated with KBB and is managed through the City of Baytown's Community Engagement Division.

    What if we used to have an Adopt-a-Site?

    Unfortunately, that program is no longer active. We'd love to have you or your organization participate in the City of Baytown's Adopt-a-Spot program by completing the interest form on Baytown Engage.

    Can I just do a one-time cleanup?

    Yes you can! Please contact Kourtney.Bonzo@Baytown.org to learn about our volunteer opportunities. You will be notified when any opportunity becomes available.