Community Feedback from the Pop-up Workshop

The Pop-up Workshop held at Sterling Municipal Library provided amazing results! In total 178 survey responses and 63 kid drawing pages were received!

Visitors to the library were asked to leave sticky note responses to questions in order to provide city staff with valuable insight into how the public view different aspects of Baytown and what we can do to make it a more appealing, safe, and enjoyable place to live in the future.

Visitors were also able to draw a picture to visualize what they love about Baytown. This led to many unique ways for participants to express their Baytown pride, while also providing valuable information on the things they value within the community.

Lastly, the pop-up workshop was used as a chance to gather citizen feedback on a community survey (that was also offered online through Baytown Engage) in order to get their perspective on many key aspects of the community, and elements that will be vital during the Comprehensive Plan 2040 process. While the survey was geared towards adults in the community, kids were able to fill our a survey that asked them to draw a picture in response to one simple question "Have you ever thought about what Baytown will be like far in the future?"

Aside from providing valuable feedback about Baytown to help guide decision making for its future, survey participants were also entered into win a family pack of tickets to Pirate Bay Water Park! Congratulations to April and her family on being the lucky winners of the tickets!

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