What is Imagine Baytown?

    Imagine Baytown is a community-engagement effort to develop a city-wide strategic plan to guide decisions about Baytown's future. This 5-year community-based strategic plan will be rooted in a community vision supported through common values, goals, and objectives. The City of Baytown seeks to listen and to fully understand the perspectives and priorities of its community members.

    What is a strategic plan?

    A strategic plan is the most fundamental guide for a community’s future. This plan sets a common direction for the city (a vision) based on the needs expressed by community members. The strategic plan is high-level, broad in nature, and designed to inform more specific policy and decision making in the future. The plan relies on heavy public participation in conversations focused on the future. The Imagine Baytown process is an opportunity for the entire city to pause, take stock, and define what we want Baytown to be and how we intend to get there. Specifically, the strategic plan will memorialize the vision, directives, initiatives, and strategies of the city for the next five years.

    Why does Baytown need a strategic plan?

    Baytown needs a strategic plan to guide the overall vision for the city’s future. Although the city has gone through many other master planning processes for specific projects and initiatives, the strategic plan is the one overarching, community-driven vision.

    How can I get further involved?

    The project website includes information about the process and how to get involved. Register with Baytown Engage by clicking the "Join the Conversation" button to be updated on upcoming meetings and major announcements. This is a community-driven process that will include several opportunities for citizens to get involved. To stay up to date, check out the process website and mark your calendar with the latest opportunities.

    Who is leading the planning process, and who is in charge of executing the plan?

    The process is being led by the Strategic Planning Advisory Committee (SPAC) made up of residents, business owners, and other stakeholders from across the city who represent diverse interests. The SPAC will meet regularly throughout the process to plan outreach activities and set the general direction for the strategic plan. The process will be managed by the City of Baytown's City Manager's Office in collaboration with Kendig Keast Collaborative. When the plan is completed, the Baytown City Council, will adopt the recommendations developed in the strategic plan.

    How long will the strategic planning process take?

    The strategic planning process is broken into 4 phases, Launch Phase, Data Gathering Phase, Analysis Phase and Composition Phase. The process is estimated to last 6-8 months and be completed fall of 2021.

    How is this different from other planning processes?

    The City of Baytown has created many master plans in our history, but those plans have addressed specific projects or initiatives, such as the 2040 Comprehensive Plan for Planning & Development, our Parks & Trails Master Plan or Sidewalk Master Plan for examples. The strategic plan sets a common community-based direction designed to assist policy and decision-makers to guide decisions about Baytown's future.

    How do I apply to be on the SPAC?

    Citizens interested in serving on SPAC, please complete an application.