Goose Creek Trail Storm Drain Art

The Goose Creek Trail Storm Drain Project is the latest in an ongoing effort to enrich and beautify the community through public art. The project consists of 13 painted storm drains that span the length of Goose Creek Trail on Emmett Hutto Boulevard between Rollingbrook Drive and West Baker Road. Ranging from high school and college art students to art teachers and professional artists, each contributor brought a unique and creative perspective to the project.
Love and Water by Mysti Jamison
Protect the Ocean by Evelyn Brauet

Sunflower by Sarah Lopez

Clean Ocean Devotees by Christina Martinez

Contribute to Continuing by Canace and Anna Morton

Above and Below by Karina Bhattacharya

Turtle by Magdalena Esparza

Otter by Magdalena Esparza

Octopi by Hailey Grandstaff, Peyton Austin, and Lilliane Blessing
Live on Earth, Love the Earth by Yazli Gonzalez Fish for a Cleaner Future by Dalia Sifuentes

Rainy Day by Vianey Trejo
Water is Life by Vianey Trejo

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