Promise Center Mural

The West Baytown Civic Association and the Promise Center of Baytown partnered together on their Neighborhood Grant application for a wall mural at the Promise Center of Baytown. This mural was completed by local artist Jessica Rice. This mural is located on the side of the Promise Center of Baytown, and emphasizes their dedication to education, diversity, and a promise of the future of the youth in Baytown. Jessica Rice roughed a hurricane and sweltering summer heat to bring this mural to life.

Artist Statement: The designs are different in the way they get the message across, but do share some of the same symbols. For example I chose the hands with different skin tones to show diversity, and some of the same symbols to show different types of industry (the microscope, paintbrush, stethoscope, apple for teaching, etc). We discussed showcasing education, so I included books, a globe, and graduating/academic achievement with grad caps and diplomas. The design uses the space the most effectively and it conveys the message while still leaving room for personal interpretations/viewers' experience. It's colorful, bright and sunny, positive, and makes the biggest impact. I loved using the idea of the hands reaching up and almost looking like trees signifying personal growth; branching out and up into the future. I put in some wildflowers that are actually native to the area (something I like to do in my work often) and also a flying Heron to represent Baytown.

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